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Mississauga Junk Car Removal guarantees that we will let you get rid of your car without any hassle and cash for your junk car in your pocket. Our rates are from $250 up to $5000 for your junk vehicle, including collection and disposal of your old car. We will give you an even better deal if you have more than one junk cars to get rid of. We pay more money for truck recycling and van recycling. There is a say that the trash of one man is treasure for someone and it is true in getting rid of your car situation. Removing your unwanted garbage car is a everyday business for someone.

We are not only letting you get rid of your unwanted car, we are going to pay you for it! Our team will determine the condition of your car when you call to schedule an appointment and present you with a cash offer on the spot. Our workers are well-trained and assured that they will give you a good price for your vehicle. We work around your schedule to find the best scrap car pick-up time anywhere in Greater Toronto Area, we make it easy for you, then we make it fun by placing cash in your pocket instantly and removing a burden from your back.

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